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Tiempo el maxi recurso de la moda-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

Time, the ultimate resource of fashion

A new global and digital customer has changed the rules of the market with their desire to immediately buy the garment they have just seen on social networks or...
 Moda personalizada es aprovisionamiento inteligente-gabrielfariasiribarren.com.

Customized Fashion is Intelligent Provisioning

E-commerce platforms know full well that generating a better consumer experience through customization optimizes the customer loyalty ratio and creates a much more fluid purchase process, allowing customers a...
El e-commerce personaliza la moda, el aprovisionamiento responde-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

E-commerce customizes fashion, sourcing responds

I ended the previous post with this query: Will personalization (and the necessary automation-robotization to achieve it) mean that fashion production will be relocated to developed countries? Absolutely! I have no...