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Moda y robotica una relacion

Fashion and robotics, a successful relationship

Robotics can help fashion companies drive business efficiencies in their warehouses, stores and factories. In the 1990s, fashion's relationship with robots was a fantasy. Today, the industry's interaction with...
La trampa de los descuentos de la

The trap of fashion discounts

"The increase in permanent markdowns in fashion retail continues to expand. Driven by the perception that this offers a solution to difficulties such as overstocking and slow sales growth,...
La inteligencia artificial redefine la inspeccion de

Artificial intelligence leads quality inspection into the digital age

This is the third and last article in the series, based on the detailed report The State of Quality Inspections in the Global Supply Chain: 2018 Edition by Sourcing...
 La calidad de las inspecciones de

Quality Inspections from the Middle Ages

To establish a measure of the current state of quality inspections, industry professionals surveyed in the report referenced in the previous post - Quality in Global Fashion Supply -...
La calidad en el suministro global de la

Quality in Global Fashion Supply

"In an environment where brands and fashion retailers are cornered by customers' demand to constantly drop prices, by sudden shifts in customers' preferences and by the pressure to create...