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Intraglobalizacion y neorrelocalizacion-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

Intraglobalization and Neo-relocalization

The world is globalized to produce a T-shirt, but it is not coordinated to stop a virus. Living globalized has not been a sufficient condition to generate the necessary...
Año 2020 d. C.-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

2020 A.D.

For this article I have set a very simple goal. I just want to share with you some views and lessons that this deep global crisis has left us...
Un futuro muy diferente a nuestro pasado reciente-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

A very different future from our recent past

During this extreme and difficult situation the world is going through, it is natural that our main concern and thoughts are exclusively about the present, about people and their...
Noe y el Coronavirus-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

Noah and the Coronavirus

We are living in an extreme situation all over the world and of course, the priority of each one of us at this very moment is to take care...