Retail Sourcing Reports

Retail Sourcing Reports

Retail supply data & Perspective.

CBX Software’s Retail Sourcing Report provides research and analysis to inform about sourcing and purchasing decisions for retailers, brands and other sourcing professionals.

Each quarterly edition includes an overview of key information that impacts global sourcing, such as economic conditions in supplier countries, container transportation prices, exchange rates and raw material costs. They also include current controversial topics and perspectives from analysts and other experts.

At the end of this summary you can download the Q1 and Q2 – 2018 reports for free.

Purchasing Manager Index.

To help understand the industrial and economic conditions in a country, the PMI records variables such as production, new orders, inventory levels, employment and prices in private companies in the manufacturing, construction, retail and services sectors.

Main Economic Indicators.

This section analyzes the main economic indicators in the most important “low-cost” suppliers, also taking into account highlights and supply trends in these countries.

Global Competitiveness Index.

Global Competitiveness is a classification of countries based on their competitiveness through different measures such as government regulation, labor market efficiency, education, infrastructure and other important variables for doing business in a country. In this section you will find a selection of emerging economies that are important supplier areas today.

Overview of Wage Trends in China and Global Overview of Wages in Low-Cost Provider Countries.

Detailed overview report of minimum wages by areas of Asian origins, along with Egypt and Ethiopia. Wages vary by region or province and indicate an estimate or the actual/official index. In cases with marked variation, they offer an average. With greater visibility of social conditions in low-cost countries, exchange rate fluctuations, rising tensions and more pressure from trade unions, wages in traditional low-cost supplier countries are rising across the board.

Container Transport Tariffs for Main Routes.

The charts are provided by Xeneta, the leading global platform for benchmarking and market intelligence in container sea transport. Data from the platform is provided by global carriers and global transportation companies, from SMEs to large companies in a variety of industries. All indices are reported in USD for a 20-foot container – TEU. They report historical and future rates for route representatives from Asia-Europe and Asia-United States.

Exchange Rates.

It presents exchange rates and indicators for the major currencies commonly included in global supply cost estimates.

Global Commodity Prices.

You’ll find the prices of essential commodities worldwide.

Complementary sections.

Below you will find other sections with the analysis and the sharp observations of leading companies and players in the sector.

Special Focus Topic.

We hope you will find value in this series of CBX Software Retail Sourcing quarterly reports!

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