The State of Fashion 2018

The State of Fashion 2018

The State of Fashion 2018 | BOF & McKinsey – was created to provide a comprehensive view of the fashion industry. Its primary objective remains to outline the interconnection of the entire fashion ecosystem across regions, market segments and product categories by synthesizing current and projected industry performance and addressing the factors that shape and drive fashion today and next year.

To achieve this, the report relies on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, drawing on industry and proprietary sources, including interviews with executives, the BoF-McKinsey World Fashion Survey and the McKinsey Global Fashion Index, which records industry sales, operating profit and revenue (value creation).

Before delving into this incredible report, I recommend that you download last year’s report for free: The State of Fashion 2017.

The State Of Fashion 2018.La situacion de la moda

Shifts and perspectives of fashion

The report is divided into two sections:

Section 1 provides an overview of some of the massive long-term changes in the fashion industry that serve as a backdrop to everything that is happening. These are encompassing, interconnected forces that will drive and shape trends in the coming years.

Section 2 offers an outlook for 2018, forecasts the expected growth of the fashion industry in different regions, market segments and product categories, highlights top executive priorities, and defines the ten trends that we believe will determine the industry’s agenda over the next 12 months.

The vision of the professionals

To present a complete picture of the ecosystem and materialize the complex and multidimensional aspects of the industry, the report also includes a series of in-depth insights and interviews with executives on some of the most exciting developments, including the impact of artificial intelligence on e-commerce platforms and a unique turning point in this generation that could change the balance of power in the global fashion industry.

In the following articles we will look in detail at this comprehensive report on the sector we are passionate about…naturally… the FASHION sector!

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