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Gabriel Farias Iribaren | Fashion Procurement
Gabriel Farias Iribaren | Fashion Procurement

Welcome to my Blog

Eastern wisdom advices us to be like bamboo, strong but flexible, to bend and not to break in high winds. This proverb symbolizes the essence of what I want to share in this blog, my experience in Asia, my profession and my passion: fashion production.

The fashion industry has reached unprecedented levels of competitiveness and the process of sourcing and production has a relevant role for everyone involved in the market and those who wish to enter it. Asia represents the current and future factory of the world, an exciting territory full of opportunities but not lacking in hurdles and some violent winds. With a leading, ever changing country like China, the road is full of adventures and challenges in view of the development of other centers like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar…

My profession led me to discover Asia during exciting times, and now I want to share that path with you. Through my Blog, I want to introduce you to some experiences and information I consider interesting, and share ideas and opinions about the fashion industry, upcoming changes and future alternatives that professionals and companies will have.

I would love for you to participate actively by sharing your comments, opinions and perspectives. If you want to contact me, you can do so here.

My goal is to bring the Asian continent a little closer to you and together, by sharing knowledge and information, we can make textile sourcing in Asia easier.

Who am I?

Gabriel Farias Iribaren

Fashion industry professional with an extensive career in the area of textile and accessories sourcing, purchasing and production in South America, Europe and Asia.

Pioneer of the company in China, I have established myself in Asia since 2006 as Director of Suite Blanco, a brand of the multinational company Fawaz Alhokair Group. I’m currently based in Hong Kong as Corporate Sourcing Director in a Retail Corporation.





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