Speed Factory – Innovation Fashion Forum 2019

Speed Factory – Innovation Fashion Forum 2019

Speed Factory – Innovation Fashion Forum 2019

Innovation Fashion Forum 2019

Fashion 4.0: Technologies to transform the industry.

It has been a great pleasure for me to participate as a speaker in this incredible meeting 2019 with the theme:

Speed Factory: bringing production closer to decision making.

I hope my participation has added value!

Once again I would like to thank Modaes, Ifema and Mercedez Fashion Week for the opportunity and the trust they have shown!

If you provide us with your e-mail address, we will gladly send you the presentation showed in the conference.

Open your eyes, observe and analyze.

Speed Factory – Innovation Fashion Forum 2019-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

This is our call for each of us, fashion professionals, to be able to see the changes that are taking place. And with that same holistic perspective, let’s take advantage of all the incredible opportunities that change generates. If we add our creativity and talent to new technologies and innovation, we will ensure the future of our companies and that of fashion.

Startup Fashion

The same DNA that made fashion companies and brands successful is now a heavy burden that restrains them, and even extinguishes them.

Solution: Startup fashion! Think Startup! and do not let the day to day kill innovation.

Neorelocalization 4.0

Neorelocalization is local or nearby production to generate a fashion value chain focused on demand and full product profitability. Its foundational pillars are sustainability and Industry 4.0

Fashion 4.0

A sustainable and circular value chain.

Speed Factory – Innovation Fashion Forum 2019-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

Neo-relocalización y automatización son las claves de un cambio radical en la industria. La cadena de aprovisionamiento rara vez ha sido el tema principal de los CEOs de la moda. Hoy sabemos que es el motor para ser sostenibles, mantener el nivel de servicio,  sustentar el margen e impulsar el crecimiento. 

Taking the first step

Widespread change across the industry demands precise decisions and immediate action. The disruptions ahead are so profound that the fashion players who seize the opportunities will generate such significant advantages that they will be very difficult to replicate.

Decision, action and success!

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See you next time!

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