A 2018 to open our eyes

A 2018 to open our eyes

Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, President of Inexmoda, tells us in the Paper “A 2018 to open our eyes”:

“Technology, innovation, creativity and training are pillars to look our day-to-day with different eyes. With this document we expose the position proposed by Inexmoda in 2018 and a holistic and interdisciplinary view that will enable us to understand the keys to ensure sustainability, competitiveness and productivity of companies in the sector during the year.

‘Open your Eyes’, a concept in which we firmly believe and that permeates all our actions in 2018, is a call to businessmen and human talent that makes up organizations, to look at the opportunities that exist in the environment, to let ourselves be surprised by what is not visible at first sight and to observe from another angle to change the panorama.

I share Carlos’ vision and I deeply thank Inexmoda and Sarita Jaramillo Ramírez on his behalf for the incredible opportunity they have given me to participate in this Paper. Thank you very much! It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with you, your prestigious Institution and to connect with your collaborators, readers and friends.

“Open your eyes and see what you can’t see with the naked eye”.Un 2018 para abrir los ojos Inexmoda-gabrielfariasiribarren.com

This Paper is an exhaustive analysis of the reality of the fashion sector and the profound changes that are proposed for this new year 2018. By opening our eyes we will be able to know them, face them and manage them with maturity and wisdom so that they generate the value that we as professionals and our companies need.

A must read! You can download this professional and exhaustive analysis of the reality of the fashion sector here. (Spanish)

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