Organization chart of a clothing company

Organization chart of a clothing company

Nowadays, there are so many changes in the fashion industry and they happen so fast that the structures of the organizations change –I recommend you to click on the link above– and along with them, the organization chart and the roles of the collaborators also vary.

In this article, we will analyze the most relevant current changes that have had an impact on the organization chart of a clothing company because of the disappearance of some traditional positions and the appearance of many new ones, which are performed by professionals of a new era; the digital technology era.

Organization chart of a digital and clothing company. 

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If we analyze the organization chart of a current clothing brand, we can see that its structure has added new positions that didn’t existed a few years back and which are performed by professionals and fashion specialists

The traditional clothing companies are now introducing the digital aspect. We are facing a digital transformation which, with the use of the infrastructure of the internet, allows the generation and development of the emerging technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet de las Cosas and Industria 4.0.

We are talking about traditional clothing companies with different origins and of different sizes that create a product –clothes, shoes and/or fashion accessories– and that are experiencing a digital transformation. There is a process of amalgamation between the physical products and the digital services, a combination of the physical and the digital aspects. Due to this transformation process, we can observe the deep changes that are produced in the organization chart of the clothing companies.

New digital careers.

These new digital careers –which are mainly capitalized, for the moment, by the “millennials” – share a thorough and deep understanding of the emerging technologies, of the processes of digital transformation, of the new alternatives to innovate the services and the products, of the structure of the company in digital ecosystems and of the necessary attraction of the digital talent to carry out an increasingly virtual task.

Among all the new digital careers we can find in the current organization chart of a clothing company, we are going to mention the ones which have acquired an important corporate relevance.

Chief Digital Officer.

Also known as the Process and Transformation Manager, the CDO is a professional in a management position who has a comprehensive vision of the digital world, of the data analysis and of the planning and management of the physical and the digital world combination. The manager has to have a strategic vision and has to be able to control their teams, which are composed of Digital Innovation Experts, to promote the necessary changes and to generate the expected results.

Digital Marketing Manager. 

Organigrama de una empresa de

Marketing as we know it does no longer exist. This very important career in the fashion organization chart is in the middle of a transformation which eliminates its foundation.

For the fashion brands, the perception of their products is no longer enough to demonstrate their value. They need to base on information in order to escalate in an increasingly digital market. As a consequence, the Digital Marketing Manager has become more and more important.

In order to change his DNA from the traditional perspective to the current one, this professional had to reanalyze and understand the new consumption habits with the introduction of the new online aspect and address the relevant audience throughout the new technologies, to associate the branding with the lead generation and to learn how to carry out the appropriate metrics basing on the data analysis.

Regarding the Marketing Manager, their main responsibilities are the following:

Budget control of the internet area and the digital campaigns, supervision of the creation and maintenance of web contents, management and optimization of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), approval and supervision of the campaigns of the brand, the product and the means, execution of the positioning strategy in the network and social media marketing with a thorough follow-up of the analysis of the web analytics, coordination with the marketing department of the different plans to integrate them online. 

Digital Content Manager. 

The Digital Content Manager has the following duties and objectives in the organization chart of a fashion brand:

The development of an effective content strategy. In order to achieve this, they have to investigate the environment and the market in which their organization carries out its business. In order to achieve the same goal and to get the best results possible, they will have to study the industry or field the company belongs to and the main consumer trends. An equally important part of their job is to get involved in the environment and the conversations of their target public, which is the one they are trying to connect to. Throughout this research, they will be able to create content.

By knowing and understanding the current technology, they will be able to choose the most accurate tools and platforms to carry out their strategy and inform the relevant areas about the result of their actions with the use of analytics and graphics which are clear, simple and easy to understand.

To sum up, this professional, who is important to the organization chart of a fashion brand, is in charge of monitoring the trends and creating and managing the contents and analyzing the results.

Data Scientist – Big Data.

Organigrama de una empresa de moda-

In the current clothing industry, the analysis of information is changing the paradigm of the conception and creation of products. Due to this process, we move from a supply and demand model to a demand and supply model, and from the prospective design to the predictive analysis of information.

Because of all this, the role of the Data Scientist in the organization chart of a fashion industry has an overriding importance nowadays.

The Data Scientist is a professional trained in mathematics and statistics who masters the different programming languages and other sciences related to computing and analytics. This professional has to completely dominate the technology and the data bases in order to modify and improve the business planning of the company. Furthermore, they must have excellent communication skills to inform the technology area but especially the clothing companies, the commercial department and the purchase department about the results of their findings as soon as they get them so that they can plan the creation of new styles.

The Data Scientist has to gather, process, screen, analyze, interpret and find the value of the information from lengthy data bases to inform the organization about their conclusions and the new trends in the area so that it can make use of them, adapt its products and services and create new business opportunities.

The Master in Data Science Project defines a Data Scientist as a digital technology professional who is a statistician, a computer specialist and a creative thinker.

It highlights the following abilities:

Imagination to understand, visualize and report their conclusions to the professionals of the organization who are not Data Scientists; creation to gener


With the involvement of internet and then of the social networks in the organization chart of a fashion brand, there firstly appeared the “webmasters” and then the “community managers”. The digital world has increasingly generated new operational and strategic needs and new professional positions to satisfy these needs.

Of course we can’t analyze all of them in this article –we have previously described the ones we consider more representative of the fashion industry– but to provide a better understanding, I’ll include a list that appeared on a study carried out by the consulting firm Michael Page about this topic.

These are the main twenty new careers that have been created in the digital environment:

1. Digital Marketing Manager 2. Digital marketing Technician 3. Online Project Manager 4. Social Media Manager 5. Community Manager 6. Web Master 7. Content Manager 8. Copy  9. Digital Designer 10. SEO Manager 11. SEO Technical Specialist 12. SEM Manager 13. SEM Technical Specialist 14. Sales Manager 15. Account Manager 16. Digital Analyst (Traffic Manager / Web analytics) 17. Business Analyst 18. CRM & eMailMkt Manager 19. eCommerce Manager 20. eCommerce Specialist

Welcome to the digital organization chart!

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