Fashion and 3D design, unlimited success

Fashion and 3D design, unlimited success

This is the first article in a future series of reports on which I have begun to work with Europa Press. It is an honor to write for the most important and prestigious international Spanish-language news agency, and I thank Europa Press for the opportunity and for spreading the topics analyzed!

In this link you can read the article directly in Europa Press: Fashion and 3D design, unlimited success.

3D Virtual Design.Moda y diseño 3D exito

The global leaders of fast fashion have pushed aside the brands that continue to opt for the traditional system. And now, with the integration of 3D design to their creation process, they will take away another important portion of the market that supports them.

Speed has become the key factor in taking and maintaining competitive advantage in the demanding fashion apparel and accessories market. Today’s digital, global consumer wants to immediately buy the same garment they have just seen for the first time on the catwalk or that their favorite influencer is wearing on the other side of the planet. There’s no way they will wait until next season to buy it. The speed of creation, production and marketing plays a fundamental role in determining the success of a fashion item because the desires of buyers change very quickly.

Digitized pre-production process.

Design, product development, sampling and pre-production approvals are milestones that consume precious time in the garment manufacturing process. Digitizing these stages can save fashion companies weeks and enable greater time savings in the supply chain.

The growth of fast fashion and the new buying behavior of the digital customer have pushed the demand for trends, so fashion brands face much greater pressure to accelerate the delivery of the product to the market. To achieve this, they are forced to innovate in the system of creation, development and production of each of the models.

3D design: fast, agile and flexible.Moda y diseño 3D exito

Innovative 3D virtual design technology creates a simplified mechanics for creating, saving, sharing, adding and reviewing design iterations at the same time, allowing designers to realistically represent garments.

The software, currently available through companies such as Optitex and Clo3d, for example, makes it possible for designers to manipulate the fabric as if they were designing by hand, but with greater precision and flexibility. Materials, prints, and patterns are integrated more accurately into the software than into the sketches, as the rendering technology provides an extremely precise scale. 3D design simulates how materials fit together, taking into account three-dimensional aspects such as tension and draping.

Once a design is created, the designer can easily vary alternatives by changing components such as color, pattern, and cropping with a few clicks. With the ability to work with template blocks, designers do not need to make the same cuts repeatedly to experiment with different features and complicated design functions become simple. This flexibility enhances innovative potential and allows for quick upgrades.

Sampling process and approvals in the digital world.

One of the main advantages of 3D virtual design is that it allows designers and product managers of the brand to work and interact with their suppliers and manufacturers in the pre-production process of the model, sharing 3D representations through the cloud-based platform. Beyond that, the great advantage that arises is that designers can make style changes based on joint comments without the need to produce and send new physical samples between agents.

Digital sampling also eliminates the need to produce physical samples for presentations to buyers and the sales department. Thanks to the high level of sample accuracy, 3D representation allows buyers to examine virtual samples that are highly realistic. In addition, it allows designers to quickly change colors digitally on each of the models instead of having to develop samples or the buyer having to resort to imagination.

3D design equals time savings.Moda y diseño 3D exito

The value that 3D design is bringing to fashion and its supply chain is immeasurable. Through this new technology, innovation has reached the pre-production processes, adding efficiency and speed to the interactions between the brand, the supplier and the factory. With 3D design, the actors in the process will meet the deadlines set in the production calendar and achieve the ultimate goal of saving time, the most precious asset in today’s fashion industry.

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