Price negotiations on fashion

Price negotiations on fashion

Ten successful tactics in price negotiations.

In the Price Negotiation report, Margie Bross says: “if you work in apparel purchasing, you will be able to see that price negotiation is a critical aspect of your job, and often stressing”.

Very few companies offer practical training for the negotiation process, even when an adequate price point is an integral part of the health and prosperity of any fashion company’s results.

In this free e-Book, we give you ten tactics that will help you develop a personal negotiation strategy that will strengthen communication with your internal sales and design teams, cement your relationship with suppliers and allow you to achieve the goals you have been assigned.

Negociacion de precios en

10 proven tactics for successful price negotiation in apparel purchasing

1st Tactic: Know what you are purchasing
2nd Tactic: Establish goals
3rd Tactic: Focus on value
4th Tactic: Get your local team ready
5th Tactic: Be organized
6th Tactic: Be positive
7th Tactic: Establish priorities
8th Tactic: Explore alternatives
9th Tactic: Leverage the relationship
10th Tactic: Recapitulate

Cost Terminology Glossary.

The factories, businessmen and experienced negotiators use plenty of technical terminology and abbreviations. We have included a Cost Terminology Glossary at the end of the report to help you familiarize with the most frequently used terms in negotiation.

We hope you find this e-Book very valuable!

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