The State of Fashion 2019

The State of Fashion 2019

The State Of Fashion – BOF & McKinsey – is without a doubt the annual report that professionals of the sector consult year after year in order to understand with absolute clarity the reality of the fashion industry, the current state of retail, the changes in the purchasing model and in the behavior of consumers, as well as the future that lies ahead.

This 2019 version is so compelling that just by sharing the introduction, I have no doubt, you will want to download it and read it in its entirety: “For fashion players, 2019 will be a year of awakening. The ones who will succeed will have to come to terms with the fact that in the new paradigm that is taking shape around them, some of the old rules simply don’t work. Regardless of size and segment, players now need to be nimble, think digital-first and achieve ever-faster speed to market. They need to take an active stance on social issues, satisfy consumer demands for ultra-transparency and sustainability, and, most importantly, have the courage to “self-disrupt” their own identity and the sources of their old success in order to realize these changes and win new generations of customers”.

What do you think? Isn’t that what we all know we should do? What should our companies do?

That winning DNA, the same DNA that gave identity and led the company to success, is the DNA that now slows its progress. Not only that, but maybe (if we don’t manage to adapt quickly and agilely to change and be disruptive) it will exterminate it.

The State Of Fashion 2019.La situacion de la moda

I share with you the backbone of this report for 2019 and below you will find the links to the same report for versions 2018 and 2017.

Global Economy: A cautious future | India rises in fashion | Trade 2.0

Shifts in Consumers: The end of Ownership | Consumers Awaken |

The Fashion System: Now or Never | Radical Transparency | Self-Disruption | Digital Appropriation| On-Demand Production

The State Of Fashion 2018

The State Of Fashion 2017

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