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Estandares y procesos de produccion-

Standards and Processes of Pre-Production.

Production Approval Process. “In the textile industry this process addresses the way the garment looks, feels, fits and behaves once the client buys it”. This is Margie Bross’ definition in...
Prendas y accesorios inteligentes-

Smart apparel and accessories.

Smart Fashion. The recent breakthroughs bring together fashion, technology and the textile industry to develop new fabric characteristics with the potential to change the way consumers interact with their apparel...
Abastecimiento textil y omnicanalidad-

Textile sourcing and the omnichannel strategy.

The response from textile sourcing to the omnichannel model. Retail and the textile labels are transitioning to a supply chain that can efficiently react to the omnichannel model. New and...
Produccion textil responsable-

Sustainable Fashion.

Responsible textile production. The sustainable textile production and its final result, a transparent product from origin that is environmentally friendly, are becoming a key value for corporate strategies of textile...