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Indice de transparencia de la

Fashion Transparency Index 2019

In this article we present to you the report Fashion Transparency Index 2019 By Fashion Revolution. A review of 200 of the world's largest fashion brands and retailers ranked...
Robotizacion de la produccion de moda, aprender de otras

Robotisation in fashion production

In this previous article we expressed that automation produces greater commercial value. If so, why is fashion production not automated and robotized? Or why is it not at the...
La tecnologia biologica de la moda

The biological technology of circular fashion

Continuing with our analysis of circular fashion - I leave here for you the two previous articles that are closely related to the latter, so I recommend you read:...
La tecnologia fisica de la moda

Physical technology of circular fashion

International consulting firm Accenture observed nine circular fashion technology concepts that can be used to generate sustainable value and reach the next level of circularity. These concepts are divided...