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Las potencias globales del retail

The global powers of retail 2019

The highly anticipated report Global Powers of Retailing 2019 By Deloitte informs us that the retail sales of the top 250 "global retailers" achieved strong growth in fiscal year...
Consumidor global de lujo

Global luxury consumer 2019

This new report generated by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Altagamma - 2019 True-Luxury Global Consumer Insight - brings us their sixth annual survey covering more than twelve thousand...
Moda sostenible es moda

Sustainable fashion is circular fashion

As we did in this previous article defining circular fashion and its relationship with the textile industry, in this analysis the goal is to establish the close relationship between...
Moda 5.0 es industria sostenible y colaborativa

Fashion 5.0 is a sustainable and collaborative industry

As in other industries, the ability to bring in talent will be a key advantage in achieving success in the supply chain of the future. The greatest complexity in...
La moda

Textile industry and circular fashion

In recent months and through my research activity on the textile sector, I have been able to observe a notable increase in information on sustainability. Given this situation and...